3M™ Rigid Pillar Foam 08458


•A high-performance, two-component rigid urethane closed-cell foam offers delayed reaction time
•Foam fills posts, pillars, and other automotive body cavities to prevent panel flutter or provide rigidity
•Expanding properties of foam fill hard-to-reach cavities
•Foam replicates appearance and performance of many OEM products

3M™ Rigid Pillar Foam is a two part urethane which foams in place to fill posts, pillars, and automotive body cavities with exceptional ease and consistent quality. This foam is easily to apply with a range of manual and pneumatic 3M applicators.

Quality Automotive-Grade Foam 3M™ Rigid Pillar Foam is a two-part urethane material which foams in place (closed-cell foam). It can be applied to areas where OEMs recommend rigid foams such as pillars, sills, doors, floor pans, roof bows and other automotive body cavities. Use it wherever OEM rigid foam is found.

Easy to Work into Difficult Places Our pillar foam is easy to use. It flows in and fills so that all cavities are filled without the need for technicians to work foam into hard-to-reach areas. It just effortlessly flows to fill challenging spots. Once in place, it expands 10 times its original volume to fill large cavities. You only need to use a small amount of material to fill a large area.